Annoyance and a Friendly Warning

Just because I’m the IT guy doesn’t necessarily mean that I am immune from the mayhem of the outside world (aka the Internet).

I went to my blog late yesterday only to find out it had been hacked earlier in the day.  Not only that, but the same hacker did in two of our church websites as well.  Fortunately we had backups so we didn’t lose any data.  However, the attack did trash some of the SQL database, so I had to restore the website, then go in to the database and manually reset things so that I could have WordPress generate a new password.  I honestly do not see what possible enjoyment someone must get in making me spend the better part of my day resurrecting hacked websites.  Sigh….

Then adding insult to injury, yesterday I ended getting caught up in a domain slamming scheme.  Be very careful when you get unsolicited email telling you that your domain name is about to expire.  I will admit it looked legitimate and it had all the correct information.  Now the catch is to see if I can get the money back.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”  You got me once, but not a second time.

So my friendly tips for the day are:

1)  Keep your backups current on your website.

2)  Update your WordPress sites regularly.

3)  Check through Google any unsolicited notifications of domain name expirations.  In particular, avoid Domain Registry of America.