We’ve Been Published!

We were invited by a social media group that we follow to help collaborate with them on a book on social media for non-profits.  The book is completed and some of our tweets made the cut!  The book has some really good stuff in it on effective use of social media, best practices, etc.  Here is the link to the book:  http://www.happyabout.com/thinkaha/socialmedianonprofittweet01.php.  All profits from the book go to support NTEN, Non-Profit Technology Network, http://www.nten.org/.

Not to be too proud, but the author wrote to us and said that one of our tweets we submitted was one of her favorites in the book.  Not too shabby!

What is a Google group?

I’m getting this question a lot these days.

Luckily, the answer is pretty simple (thanks to Google’s site and a little trial-and-error): A Google group is a user-owned group (for example, Diocese of Olympia Regional Convenors, Eastside Regional Ministry, Peninsula Regional Ministry, etc.) created using the *free* Google Groups service.

Google groups allow you to manage and archive your mailing list, and they also provide a method for communication and collaboration with group members. Google groups offer generous storage limits, customizable pages and unique management options.

This question is usually followed by, “What can you do with Google groups?”

Well, you can … Continue reading “What is a Google group?”