Search Engine Optimization, Part 1

I was going to start the year with a series of blog posts on Search Engine Optimizations.  As I was getting ready to start, lo and behold, I receive a tweet from Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices about their latest post from one of my Episcopal Communicator buddies, Richelle Thompson.  The title is “Google: Your Way to the Top” and it covers this very topic!  Since there is no sense in reinventing the wheel and Richelle has done such a fine job, I will let her post speak for itself.

Comparing CMS, Part 2

A while back, I wrote a piece about Comparing Content Management Systems.  My colleague Kat Lehman in the Diocese of Bethlehem has found a nice link and a fairly comprehensive list of CMS options. She compiles a great little e-newsletter called [email protected] House which I commend to you to check out.  Lots of good stuff.  To get on the list to receive this newsletter, you can contact her via email and follow her on Twitter @KatLehman.



Photo Op!

We are in the middle of migrating to a new website for the diocese.  One thing we wanted to do was create new photos of the staff since the current ones are, shall we say, a little out of date.  I obviously was showing my age when so few people appreciated or understood my “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” comment!  Anyway, here is an interesting little link from Beauty Tips for Ministers on photos.

Hosted or Self Hosted Websites

I am taking a series of classes this year at the University of Washington on Social Media Implementation and Technology.  These have been terrific resources, chock full of great information and tidbits.  I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of these on this blog.

One subject that I am asked many times about is how one should host their site.  What is the best tool or option?  While I have some standard answers to this (usually!), this particular lecture in our latest class given by Samantha Moscheck of approached it in a different way, which I want to share here. Continue reading “Hosted or Self Hosted Websites”

How to publish content on your site

One of the things I talk about in the workshops is the different ways to present your content and how this presentation is different in a web-based media.  This link, while somewhat dated, has valuable information that can be used to help develop meaningful content for your community.  Content design is very important and this article backs that up.

Vision and Concept

So you have your domain name, ISP and hosting site.  You have some photos, a newsletter or two and you’re ready to go.  Let’s put up a website!

Hold on.  There is a critical piece that needs to be done before the website can go up.  In some ways this is the most important part, and it can only be done by you.  Before one page or image is created and put up, Continue reading “Vision and Concept”