Changing Demographics and its Impact on Communication in the Church

The following piece is from my colleague Kat Lehman in the Diocese of Bethlehem.  She compiles a great little  e-newsletter called [email protected] House.  It contains lots of information on IT and technical news as well as links to content useful to us in church IT work.  To get on the list to receive this newsletter, you can contact her via email and follow her on Twitter @KatLehman.

The largest demographic now in the US are the millennial generation. They outnumber the Baby Boomers. This demographic are teenagers through about age 30 (1980 to year 2000 birthdate) and they want significantly different things from church. They want or like an ancient tradition but they want it modernized and they want to be able to ask a lot of questions. They want to have conversations about what they believe and what others believe. They want to actively participate and they want to be in the decision-making loop. They do this primarily through social media outlets. They like collaboration and they expect to have a voice (even if they are only teenagers right now). They are also extremely hopeful and they are social justice minded as well. They want to make a difference. They are more likely to be innovators than any other generation currently alive and they want feedback especially when they are successful. Interestingly, they don’t generally engage via email. They do so via text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and a thousand and one other ways via social media networks rather than traditional communication means.