Content Strategy with a Plan

So does this sound familiar?  You or someone you know wants to create content and have it published on your website or a blog. That is pretty easy.  But now suppose that this person wants content that is attractive and engaging.  Content that starts conversations or inspires its readers to action.  Most people probably want that (I certainly do!)  So how do we go about creating and publishing high quality content?

Part of the answer is Content Management.  Content management is just what it sounds like: a way to manage the creation and dissemination of content. Wikipedia defines this as “the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium.”  Part of this is the CMS, which I have discussed previously.  Another part of this process is content strategy.

So what is Content Strategy?

In this context, Content Strategy is a mixture of information architecture, editorial processes, web writing and web knowledge that combines together into something greater than the individual parts.
So where do you learn about this stuff?  I would point you to a great little book by Kristina Halvorson called Content Strategy for the Web.  In her own words, Kristina states:
“Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.  It plots an achievable roadmap for individuals and organizations to create and maintain content that audiences will actually care about. It provides specific, well-informed recommendations about how we’re going to get from where we are today (no content, or bad content, or too much content) to where we want to be (useful, usable content people will actually care about).”

If you are serious about your content and don’t want it ending up in the digital trash bin, do yourself a favor and read this book.