Getting Ready for Christmas

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to do some updating of your communication channels to get the word out.

  • Update your website with your service times for the Christmas season.  It is best to put them on your homepage so that people don’t have to search for them.  They should also be labeled as Christmas services so that they will not be confused with your regular worship services, even if they will happen at your usual service times.
  • Change the message on your answering machine, listing the types of services and service times for Christmas and Christmas Eve.
  • Post this same information on your churches’ Facebook page.
  • If you have an outdoor reader board, be sure to post the service times there as well.

There is one final thing that will need to be done after the Christmas services.  You need to remember to remove this information from the website, answering machine and reader board.  I would do this after the service is completed, but certainly no more than a day or two afterwards.  Leaving this information up for weeks and months afterwords does not help to project the image of your church to the outside world.