Social Media and a Safe Church

A number of people have asked me of late, “What is the social media policy for the diocese?”  That’s a good question.  We are working on one at the present time and it is a challenge and a balance between making it a living document/policy and not to go overboard with rules and “what ifs”.  Every organization has its own variants of policy and the church is no different.  Our social media policy may not work for, say Coca-Cola, and vice-versa.

Province III of the Episcopal Church have come up with something that is a good starting point for the church.  Building Faith, a blog moderated by Sharon Ely Pearson has a post that I offer as a beginning to that conversation called Social Media: Safe Church.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and a Safe Church

  1. Our parish’s social media is conducted strictly by individuals who have earned a leadership position and are trusted to handle all church communications. Transparency and accountability are a given. Since social media involves our youth, all adult communicators must have “Safeguarding God’s Children” training and will take the Safe Church training once it becomes available in our diocese.

    Some basic rules:

    1) No one shall have one-on-one electronic contact with a juvenile parish member that does not include a cc: to another adult leader and, preferably, their parents as well. This is especially important for text messaging.

    2) Adult social media communicators will monitor daily comments, postings, etc. that affect our parish electronic mediums. Any inappropriate behavior will be addressed immediately.

    3) If it cannot be said publicly in the middle of the parish hall, then it should not be said privately.

    4) Think thrice, send once.

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