Website Design Done Right

A few weeks ago I was at the Non-Profit Technology Network‘s annual conference in San Francisco.  It was a terrific conference in one of my favorite cities.  It was a really great experience to see how non-profits were using technology to further their mission.  There were way too many workshop offerings for only three days and all were good, but one stood out for me above the others.  The reason for this was because it directly related to what I do here for the Diocese of Olympia.

Part of what I do here is to help churches and other religious organizations get a handle on digital communications and their presence in this arena.  Many times I talk to people and they respond with “we need a website” or “we need to be on social media”.  However, without a plan or strategy they don’t have a clear roadmap on what to do or how to get started.  I will talk about planning and design, identifying your audience, goals, etc., with mixed results.  So I went to this conference workshop called ‘Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?’ which was presented by Farra Trompeter of Big Duck and Kira Marchense of Environmental Defense Fund.  I was hoping I could get some new tips on how to help get the message out about web design.

I got more than I bargained for.  It was the best!  The greatest takeaway for this was the incredibly cool flow chart on how to do a web redesign.  If you are thinking about doing a website, either brand new or a redesign, check out the flow chart before you start.  It will save you hours of time, money and frustration.  Trust me on this.


2 thoughts on “Website Design Done Right

  1. Thanks so much for joining us at the NTC this year, and I’m really glad that you got what you needed! Most of all, thanks for helping us broaden our impact by sharing these resources with your community. I hope we’ll see you around the NTEN community again soon!

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely write-up and recap of our session. I’m thrilled to hear how useful you found the content and the flow chart. We developed hoping it would help people and I appreciate your sharing it more broadly! Be well.

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