What’s been going on?

My posts have been rather sporadic of late.  I have had a number of “irons in the fire” that have taken precedence over my blog posts here at ecwwblog.org.  It certainly isn’t because I haven’t been busy!

First, I have been the point person for the development of a new website for the Diocese of Olympia.  It has been months in the making (more on that in another post), but has been going in earnest since February.  We went live with the site, www.ecww.org in early May and  have been working on getting the bugs fixed and the kinks out.  I have to keep reminding myself that the website is to be a vibrant, evolving entity and is never really “done”.  We will continue to tweak, upgrade and refine over the life of the site.  It is never finished. I appreciate any and all feedback, but do offer an option to respond if you chose to comment.

Secondly, I have just completed a one year certification program from the University of Washington on “Social Media Technology and Implementation“.  This has been a fabulous series of classes and should be the model for teaching social media, IMHO.  I will share the voluminous amount of information I have received in future posts.  The graduation ceremony is this week, but we don’t get a cap and gown.  Oh well.

And lastly, I have been installing a teleconferencing system for the diocese.  This is being installed in key churches around the diocese to help connect some of our more remote parts of the diocese.  We are very excited about this project and hope it will be a model for other churches and dioceses around the country.

I continue to strive that this humble little blog will be a place to disseminate information on how churches can effectively use digital communications to further enhance their presence and message to their faith community and the greater world.