Movies in Church

How many times has this happened to you (sounds like the opening of a bad infomercial?) You have a youth group meeting and you are going to show a DVD movie to the group. You purchased the movie yourself, or someone else has loaned you their copy. No admission or entrance fee is being charged. […]

New Event Promotion Submission Tool

There are many event promotion opportunities for the multitude of events run throughout the diocese. How to Submit Event Promotion Requests Here, in the Communications office, things can get a little messy. We don’t mean for it to happen. Like you, we’re busy. To make things easier for you (and us), we’ve started streamlining a […]

Tech Support Exposed!

As part of my duties here, I am called upon for computer or tech support help.  This comes from co-workers, church administrators, clergy, web designers, you name it.  I came across this picture from which totally explains how it’s done.  Now to get ready for convention…..

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You (21st Century Edition)

We have seen the signs for years, “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You”.  While this is nice to have in front of your church or down the street with an arrow pointing the way, is this the only way that people will know about your church?  Are you counting on people finding you in the Yellow […]

Copyright, Intellectual Property and the Church

I have been following conversations of late regarding the proper use of other people’s material in the church.  Can you videotape your choir singing an anthem and put it up on YouTube?  Can you print out the hymns in your Sunday bulletin?  What about music on your website? Here are two links that I believe […]

How to Stay Current Without Going Crazy

Last year I completed a certification program from the University of Washington in Social Media Technology and Implementation.  It was a terrific program and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.  I regularly receive information from the university concerning upcoming programs, tips, etc.   I received an email from them that I […]

Help, I’ve been hacked!

Phishing is the act of sending an email that falsely claims to be from a trusted source, in an effort to obtain your password, personal account information, or just money.  One that I have gotten a great deal of lately is the “I’m in Europe, my passport has been stolen and I need $xxx to […]

How wired do you want to be?

For the last few months I have been wrestling with an idea that may or may not be ready for prime time.  I may be going out on a bit of a limb here, but I would like to talk about using technology as part of the liturgical service.  What I mean by this is […]

What the Internet is hiding from you

I have been meaning to write something about this since I first heard about this last week after seeing this video by Eli Pariser.  As with many things, I got distracted and it got lower on my ever expanding to-do list.   Here is another link on this, and thanks to my buddy Kat Lehman […]

A very cool primer!

As part of Episcopal Communicators, we share ideas and tools to help us do our work better and more efficiently.  A great tidbit, courtesy of Rise Thew Forrester of the Diocese of Northern Michigan, is this website link  It is a wonderful and easy to read primer on browsers and the internet.  It’s not […]