Communicating your mission to a younger audience

A few people asked  for my slides from the Stewardship conference. My slides tend to be a little too minimalist to make sense in isolation, so a blog post is a better format.

The Millennial Mindset

Instead of a page of links, here’s the first part of the presentation in a post over on my other site, Tap Dancing Spiders. It’s a little more coherent than my verbal presentation, and incorporates some of the feedback from you.

Communications Tools

My top three as most effective are:
Your congregation or ministry’s website
A personal invitation – phone or  in-person
Email – make sure it’s personalized.

Then we hit social media.

The Pew Research Center has some good research for a generalized view of who uses each platform. Just remember that they are an academic center so their research has limitations. They can’t survey anyone under 18, so Tumblr is under-represented. They also use phone surveys, which limits and distorts the results. Do you answer calls from unknown numbers? I know I don’t.

As an extra, I love this post on how to manage the platforms.

Learning Resources

We have a diocesan facebook group and invite you to join and/or share the link. It’s a closed group, so you can ask those niggling questions. No one person knows everything about communications and social media, but together we can come close.

Thanks again to everyone who came along and for the comments and feedback after. It was great meeting everyone. If you have any questions, please email me or if you’re more Twitter-inclined my handle is @BiancaJSmith.


Apologies for not getting this out on Saturday evening, as promised. A couple of gremlins decided I shouldn’t have access to the blog. All fixed now, as you can see.