It’s Social Media Q&A Time

Social-Media-Workshop-2015-Small-10Our College of Congregational Development had their annual evangelism workshop on the weekend. This year’s topic was social media.

The attendees had too many questions for a 27-hour workshop,  so we’re gradually answering them here. Some answers will be written by us (or you?), and some will be from existing great sources that we’ve found to share. As with all social media tips and tricks, it’s different for each person, purpose and audience so pick and choose which bits help you.

If you have written a post or want to tackle a topic, please email Bianca at [email protected] We’d love to post your answer on this blog, or link to your own.

Discounted Products for Nonprofits

A list of marketing tools

Design Tools

Canva – also has free and cheap good stock images

Corporate relationships – can we telegraph who we work with?
How lame do you look if you either:
– don’t have an account
– don’t update it
– insert yourself where you don’t belong
Twitter and Instagram – relate to Facebook
Facebook Administrator – How to

Organize Twitter – social listening

Filtering by Keyword with Hootsuite

Tutorial: facebook navigation

Image permissions/copyright

Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don’t Own on Your Blog – replace blog with social media, website, all platforms.

Copyright Cleared Images

Be careful using creative commons images via Google or Flickr. The person uploading them may have lied.

Wikimedia – great for current affairs

Blogs – still relevant?
Who can post?
What to put where? Multiple platforms
Best practice recommendations
Resources for absolute beginners
Broadcast versus communication – techniques that encourage communication
How to partner with other congregations
Cross-over opportunities – links, cross-posting
Best Practices Policies for Church Page
How to balance communication with older folks
Ultra-conservative political folks who are parishioners – how to handle?
– they speak for church… gatekeeping
Complexity of recording and posting sermons – audio of choir: copyright issues
How to encourage comments, not likes?
Platforms: primary functions/strengths
Particular platforms for particular purposes – or demographics
How can churches use instagram and pinterest?
Who’s in charge of oversight?
Who’s responsible for maintaining?
– with multiple cooks in the kitchen, how do you communicate group identity?
How to ID and reach group that would join if we communicate with them?