New Event Promotion Submission Tool

There are many event promotion opportunities for the multitude of events run throughout the diocese.

How to Submit Event Promotion Requests

Here, in the Communications office, things can get a little messy. We don’t mean for it to happen. Like you, we’re busy. To make things easier for you (and us), we’ve started streamlining a few processes.

The first of these is the events listing on We’re moving to a self-service platform, but until then we have a form. Event promotion requests will only be accepted via the form. This is so it’s all formatted and sized correctly ready for the website and any applicable emails. We have limited space to fit everyone’s events in.

You’ll notice a few fields on the form have strict word limits. Yes, they are strict. These are enforced as the number of characters, so you may be able to squeeze an extra word in – if they’re all short. This change is really just applying the previous 1-2 sentences short rule. We discovered that some people define this a little creatively. Our “favorite” submission had four sentences, each with about 25 words. The event listings are just a teaser to get people to click through to your website. They don’t need all the details; just enough to entice people to click.

Following on from that, we have asked for a few details that aren’t for publication. It’s because there may be other promotion campaigns going on. If we have all the details, then it saves you having to send it later.

High-quality photos work well in event promotions. Smartphone photos can be great. You don’t need a complex, expensive DSLR. Make sure it’s a clear, in-focus photo with lots of light. The bigger, the better. We can crop it to size, but we can’t make a small photo big, and have it still look good. Chances are the photo will be a big file so put it on a Flickr page or in a Dropbox account and send us the share link to that specific photo.

When to Submit Event Promotion Requests?

It should be on your website as early as possible, but we don’t need to see it any more than a month before the event. That’s the same time you can push it more on your congregation emails and bulletins.

The Summary Check List

There is a lot of information in this post, so here’s the summary.

1. Add your event to your website
2. Four weeks before the event, complete the event submission form.
3. Use a short, enticing event summary description.
4. Complete all details – we can do anything with partial information.
5. Photos are optional, but they’re effective.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]